Last week I took half a day off work and met my Mum for a spot of Afternoon Tea & Spa Review at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Manchester Hotel. From time to time I get exciting opportunities that come through for my blog, but it’s very rare for me to be able to share it with someone else, so when I asked my Mum if she wanted to go, she was so excited!

For Afternoon Tea we were seated in the Opus One restaurant within the hotel which was modern with a cosy atmosphere.

When the tray of food came out with the delicately cut sandwiches, the homemade scones and the beautifully tiny cakes – I went a little photo mad. I had really good lighting and the whole set up was so so pretty! Very Pinterest worthy I thought.

I’m sure the couple next to us thought we were crazy, as we literally spent 15 mins taking photos.

The food was amazing, and surprisingly really filling. My favourites were the home made scones filled with jam – delish!

After we had time to settle, we left the Opus One restaurant and headed downstairs to the Sienna Spa.

We were greeted by the spa attendant who showed us around and gave us these amazingly soft robes and slippers to change into.  We were then taken into the pre-treatment room where we sipped on hot teas to help us get into a more relaxed state.

My treatment began with a 30 min deep body scrub using the ESPA EXFOLIATING BODY POLISH. I opted for a gentle scrub using refined apricot kernels with aloe vera, to help sweep away dead cells whilst hydrating the skin. It also says to contain spearmint to leave you with a cool refreshing sensation, and surprisingly it really did! I remember at the time, I mentioned it to the therapist saying that it felt like she had just rubbed toothpaste all over me, and she said it’s because of the spearmint in the product!

Following the scrub, I quickly rinsed off using the private shower in my treatment room and boy my skin was so soft! I use my own St Ives exfoliating apricot scrub every other day in the shower for about 5 mins, but this completely blew it out the water.

Next up was the 60 min full body massage, and this is the one I was looking forward to the most! She asked how hard I would like the pressure, and I wanted it full whack please! I wanted any tension and all knots gone!

The therapist used the ESPA DETOXIFYING BODY OIL on me which helps to boost the circulatory system, help diminish cellulite and nourish the skin. I’m not sure if it did any of those things, because 10 mins in I was so relaxed I could feel myself drifting off to sleep! The heated bed was bliss.

Immediately after the body massage, we went straight into the 30 min head massage and by this point I was so ready to doze off. The therapist used the ESPA PINK HAIR & SCALP MUD TREATMENT on me, and my hair absolutely loved this and drank it up. I woke up the next day and my hair was super soft and smooth!


After the treatments, we were able to stick around to use the wet rooms and pool area which was lovely.


We both had such an amazing day which I felt was much needed to just get out of the office and away from work.

In the run upto to Mother’s Day, the Spa have put together different Mother & Daughter pamper packages that would be lovely as a gift. So if you are looking for a place to unwind and treat yourselves, I’d highly recommend checking this place out.

For more info here’s a LINK to their website x