I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with good food, family and films! I didn’t pick up my phone or my laptop once for the last two days, and it felt so good just to disconnect and really enjoy life’s moments with your favourite people. So just a quick post from me today, where I wanted to show you a few new things I got for Christmas.

FRENDS HEADPHONES – These were a gift from my lovely bf who knew I’ve been obsessed with these gorgeous headphones for blimmy ages, ever since they did the rounds on Instagram! He finds it hilarious that, because I drive to work, I don’t go to they gym or actually do anything where I would need to listen to music for a long period of time, why I would want them? My answer: They’re just SO PRETTY! Plus I see them as investment for future holiday flights!

TANGLE TEASER – Probably one of the last people to actually own of these! I’ve put off buying one these tangle teaser for years because, for me I think it’s quite pricey to pay £10 on a hairbrush – and the only time I actually brush my hair is before I wash it. Other than that my hair is pretty low maintenance, I don’t do anything else to it… so seeing as we were doing Secret Santa in the family, I took the opportunity to massively hint for this to be my gift! So fingers crossed it actually works!

NEW BLOG LAYOUT – Over the last few weeks the amazing Phil over at @PIPDIG did a massive overhaul on my blog and gave me a shiny new blog layout which I am SO SO pleased with! At the same time, he helped me finally make the transition from Blogger to WordPress, it’s early days but I actually think I like WordPress so much more. Everyone always said to me you can do so much more on WordPress with all it’s features and plugins – and it’s so true, I’d highly recommend anyone considering it!

Finally, I’m developing a slight love affair for anything gold… could you tell!? xx