The Ultimate Summer Skin For Busy Mums


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Since having Alex, almost 11 months ago now – my once 30/45 min make up and hair routine every morning, has well and truly gone out the window!

I used to have a nice little set up in my own dressing room, with everything laid out in their own specific drawers, all neat and tidy and ready to go – but now everything that I use on a daily basis has been all piled up into one vanity bag, so I can carry it around the house with me and do my make up as quick as I can – usually on the floor somewhere

It’s not as comfy as it used to be, but it’s either that or nothing at the minute!

Being a new mum, the one thing that everyone tells you about is the sleep deprivation – and at the time, I was very much like, ‘ahh ok’ – with my head in the clouds, blissfully unaware of what was to come

but MY GOODNESS, sleep deprivation is no joke! Hands down to all the mums and dads out there trying to function like a normal person, whilst feeling like a zombie

But now that summer is here, I’m so happy to be working with Boots to refresh my make up routine, and find products and perfume that are really going to help me look all fresh, glowy and feel summer ready!


To help prep and wake my skin up in the mornings, I do a light cleanse and tone, and then pat a couple of drops of the e.l.f Vitamin C Serum all over my face and neck.

I chose the e.l.f Vitamin C Serum, because it’s jam packed with some serious antioxidants, which not only helps to refine and brighten your skin tone, but it also helps to protect against everyday pollution and sun damage.

The lightweight texture feels incredibly refreshing and absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving you with a revitalised complexion that’ll be a perfect base for make up

“Find amazing multi tasking products to help speed up your make up routine, without having to compromise on your looks”


Once the serum has settled in, I then go in with the Clarins Hydraquench Tinted Moisturizer, again all over my face and down my neck, to give me that lovely, soft and dewy, natural looking finish to the skin. I went for the darkest shade in Gold, and I would say that there’s enough coverage in there to even out my skin tone and any redness without it feeling too heavy

The Clarins Hydraquench Tinted Moisturizer feels wonderfully hydrating and nourishing – and with the added benefit of SPF, you can be rest assured that your skin is being looked after all day!


Once the skin has been done, I then move onto the brows as that is easily the next important area of my face that I can’t skip

If I don’t do my brows, I just look weird ha

The Benefit Goof Proof Eyeshadow Pencil is a cult product amongst the beauty bloggers, and I can see why!

This pencil is super easy to use with its twist up tip and blending spoolie brush – it saves you having to grab a pencil sharpener!

The formula is amazingly soft and creamy, and it glides on like a dream, so you don’t have to pull too hard on your skin when you’re filling and shaping in your brows

The Benefit Goof Proof Eyeshadow Pencil is very pigmented, so I found doing little strokes worked better for me otherwise it can come across too harsh (I’ve got the darkest shade on here, 06)

Then to set the brows in place, I apply a few strokes of the Browcote Clear Brow Gel – and that just helps to hold the hairs in place and add bit of texture back to the brows.


When I was thinking about what my absolute summer essentials were, and what I can/cannot realistically do in 5 minutes – I did think to leave out eyeshadow as I guess it’s not that noticeable if you skipped that part – compared to the brows which is absolutely non negotiable

However, because I’m so used to do doing full smokey eyes with 3/4 brushes on the regular (pre baby), I figured if I just use one brush and pick 1/2 colours to sweep across the eyelids, then that takes no time at all!

So that’s what I did here

The colours in this e.l.f Rose Gold Palette are absolutely stunning – so so perfect for an everyday look with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. I swept a  nude colour all over my lids, and then tapped that shimmering rose colour (the one in the middle) just in the centre of my lids to add abit of dimension, and then I used the lightest shade to highlight my inner corners and top of my brow bones

Super quick and easy, and then I just finish off with a good coating of mascara and that’s the eyes done!


Next up is one of those staple beauty products, that you know you can always rely on for a quick, fuss free all over summer glow.  The Rimmel Natural Bronzer blends wonderfully onto the skin creating those sun kissed, beach ready vibes. Simply brush the bronzer all over the cheekbones and under the jawline for instant definition, and if you’re wearing something that’s showing off your shoulders and collarbones – I would even blend it all the way down too!


For the lips, I’m loving the super affordable e.l.f matte lip pencils. The twist up tip is perfect to line, prime or fill in the lips, without too much fuss.

It’s so easy to use on the go, and you don’t have to worry about being too precise. I’ve got the colour Tea Rose on here, which is quite close to my natural lip colour – but it just gives me that little bit extra colour – that subtle flush to the lips

Packed with Vitamin A, C & E – the smooth formula glides on effortlessly so that you don’t feel like you’re dragging your lips, and you don’t get that overly dry feeling that you think you would with a matte lip pencil

And as you use the pencil, there’s also a handy sharpener on the other end – which is great to redefine the tip!


Finally, to set the whole look in place, I sprayed a few pumps of the e.l.f Make Up & Set all over – and then I just give it a few seconds to dry, and that’s my 5 min summer make up for busy mums all done!

With all the summer festivals going on at the moment, I might even try adding a bit of glitter to my hair and top of my cheeks for those days when I’m feeling experimental – but knowing my luck, Alex would probably get a hold of it and it’ll be a glitter bomb over the floor, so I’ll save that for the weekend! x


This post is an advertised collaboration with Boots but all thoughts are my own