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After getting back from Barcelona last week, I decided to join the gym.

No particular reason why, I didn’t need to lose weight, or get fit for any marathon or sporting event

I’ve never ever been interested in the gym before, nor have I ever had that urge to ‘work out’ 

I’ve actually said this a few times to my friends in the past – I don’t actually like sweating! It makes me feel itchy, and all hot and bothered, so I’ve always avoided it in the past

However, the two motivational goals that made me sign up in the first place, were to get to more lean and stronger

Yknow, in case I ever get attacked I can actually fight back a little bit and run away! 

Have you seen the film Taken!? That’s why


So having never been to the gym before in my life, I needed to get myself a pair of proper running/fitness trainers

I can’t remember the last time I ever bought trainers – maybe high school for P.E!?

So I tried on a couple of pairs, and I decided to go with these black and white Nike Lunars. I bought mine in a size 4, when I’m normally a size 3 – so I did have to size up, but they were the most comfiest out of all of them, partly due to the really thick sole

There were loads of different style of shoes, that are made specifically for either running or weight lifting etc, but I wanted a good all rounder that I could start off with, and so far these are perfect for me

These NIKE LUNARS retail for £100, which is the most I’ve ever spent on trainers!

But as my PT says, it’s a lifestyle change so it’s an investment!

Ok, so on that note, I’m off to the gym! x

Nike Lunars
Nike Lunars

  • Ohh in love with these trainers they look lush and perfect for the gym! p.s your nails look incredible!! loving the metallic finish x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture